Hi guys, Dave here. I just found out that our dark fantasy comics series Vessels has made the Scottish Book Trust’s list of top diverse and inclusive comics.

The full breakdown is here, and it’s pretty ace to see our series running shoulders with the like of Paper Girls, Descender and my favourite series of the last five years Low, by Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini.

Here’s the list in full:


If you haven’t come across Vessels yet, it’s a dark fantasy saga set in a dying medieval world, where the fabric of reality is eroding to breaking point.

As it decays, the laws of logic and reason collapse one by one, creating a world that’s warped and strange, where the impossible becomes possible, and the laws of reality no longer apply.

Only a gifted young woman named Wake has the power to put her fractured reality back together. All that stands in her way are five deadly knights called the Vessels.

Sound interesting? You can pick up a copy at www.comichaus.com, from the ComiXology app on your Kindle, iPhone or Android device and from the indie section in Forbidden Planet Edinburgh.

Thanks to Scottish Book Trust for featuring us 😀