Hi guys, Dave here with a new reveal. Even though Craig and I are working damn hard on the Kickstarter and production for Killtopia #1 (campaign coming on Feb 2nd!), I’ve also been working with Raf and Dennis on issue 3 of Vessels.

I’m happy to reveal the very first piece of promotional art for Vessels #3 (which will also be the cover for Vessels #4)

Vessels 4 cover colors rgb

The piece shows D’Saahl, Marillon, G’Dala, Wake and the mysterious teddy bear that’s been appearing in Wake’s dreams.

They’re hurtling through the Veil – the realm of dreams – on the shattered remnants of a city street from our modern world. Is our world and Cairnthala merging? Are they inhabiting a dream? Is this the crossroads between dimensions?

We’d love to hear theories from Vessels readers, so if you have one, please share it in the comments 😀

More soon! Stay tuned 😀