Hi Vessels fans – Dave from Card Shark Comics here with some exciting news from the world of Cairnthala – Vessels #2 is in production now!

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That means Rafael is now roughing out pages and e’re polishing the script, getting the look and feel of new characters and scenes right, among other things.

So you don’t have to wait too long to see what we’re up to, we wanted to share two new pieces of art with you.

The first is Marillon chilling out with her spirit wolf. These two make a formidable team!

This is a guest piece by Card Shark friend Lou Ho AKA Naniiebim. She’s mega talented and we love her style. You will get to see Marillon and her spirit wolf briefly in issue #2 but they raise all sorts of hell in issue #3 that fans of the character will really love.

Why a spirit wolf? Well, before she was a thief Marillon wa a skilled huntress who lived closely with nature in a faraway forest village. She learned how to summon her wolf as a child and they have looked after each other ever since.

After something terrible happened to Marillon, she gave up her role as huntress and turned to a life of crime and deception. That’s going to be a big part of our story moving forward.

Next up we have anew picture of Wake by Vessels artist Rafael Desquitado Jr. And yep, that’s a modern day electric guitar.

There’s two reasons as to why we chose to reveal our production with this image – one, it’s a tribute to the character Artorias the Abysswalker from Dark Souls, which is the game that inspired our series. The character has a broken arm that hangs limp like Wake’s here, and he has a huge sword resting on his shoulder.

Also, the guitar is going to feature in Issue #3, but we felt it was a cool image to bounce back with for issue #2 – we’ve been using the cheesy tagline ‘ready to rock?’

Well, we really are ready – we can’t wait to get the first finished pages out there for you to check out.

Until then, thanks for supporting us, we’ll have more to share soon!