Vessels #2, the new dark fantasy comic from Card Shark Comics has launched on Kickstarter – CHECK OUT THE CAMPAIGN HERE.

The first issue was one of the best-rated indie debuts of 2016, and the follow up promises more trippy, mind-bending dreamscape action.

Here’s the cover:


Vessels is written and created by Dave Cook, and takes place during the final days of a dying Medieval world, where the realms of reality and dreams are starting to merge. Amidst the chaos, a gifted young woman named Wake steps up to save her world from total collapse.

In Vessels #1, Wake teamed up with master thief Marillon and gifted Mind Keeper mage G’Dala to slay the notorious Eye-God behind the world’s decay. However the Vessels – five deadly knights who are the living embodiment of the five senses – have caught wind of what Wake is up to, and have started to hunt her.

Our sequel sees the trip formulate a plan to slay the Eye-God and save the realm of Cairnthala, but a clash of faith, ideologies and conviction cause the forces of good to tear themselves apart. Meanwhile, Marillon gets in deep with some dangerous mercenaries, and Mind Keeper leader Orall has a crisis of faith that could spell the end of the realm as we know it.

You’ll find all this and more in Vessels #2, by backing our Kickstarter. 

Thanks to any and all who back us, it’s massively appreciated 🙂

Cheers again!