Howdy Card Sharks, we’ve just announced the Kickstarter launch date for Vessels #2, the follow up to our critically acclaimed fantasy debut.

It all kicks off on February 3rd at 1pm UK time and we have the old team back together. I’ve penned the script, Rafael Desquitado Jr. is on art, Dennis Lehmann on colours and lettering is Garrett Gunn.

If you’re yet to check Vessels #1 out we’ve got a full plot over here, and you can pick up print copies at or download them to your iOS/Android phone via ComiXology.

We’ve set up a Facebook event where you can read the first four completed pages, preview our bonus art prints and more. We’ll also include a variant cover as per of the rewards.

You can find the Facebook event here

We’ll see you guys on Feb 3rd for the launch, but for now, check out all the preview materials on Facebook.

Thanks again everyone!