It’s always a tense feeling to release a new comic and to have it at out there in the wild – you never know if it will tank or be enjoyed.

Thankfully, the early response from our Kickstarter backers to their advanced PDFs has been overwhelmingly positive, as is our first review – which comes from ComicsAnonymous.

It’s a 9/10 score, which blows my mind to tiny pieces like Murphy in Robocop (ew!)

You can read the full review here.

In the review, critic Gary says:

The combination of Rafael Desquitado on art, Dennis Lehmann on colours & Garrett Gunn on letters produces some amazing set pieces, action and blurred worlds that manage to keep the vast new world from Dave becoming too overloaded.  

It’s a finely balanced first issue and the detail within the narrative, dialogue, panel layout and plot has the air of a mainstream title rather than a small press one.  

Dave’s upped his game and produced a title that lets the dark ooze it’s sinister vibe and the light remain full of hope and that in turn makes this an engaging read that lingers after reading.

This is seriously awesome :O

Vessels #1 goes on general sale soon, – you can buy from our Store section, ComiXology, certain Scottish Forbidden Planet stores and our partners Comichaus – the indie comic marketplace.

Thanks guys!