Hi there Card Shark fans, Dave here with a quick update on a piece of bonus art that will be going out to all Vessels #1 Kickstarter backers above a certain level – you’ll know if you got one!

This was created by the incredibly talented Iain Laurie, the artist behind great works such as And Then Emily Was Gone and Quilte. His creepy, abstract style is unmistakable and we’re honoured to have him create a piece for Vessels #1.

This piece features Smel, one of the five Vessels – legendary knights based on each of Wakes senses – who will be the first to fight with our heroes in issue #2. She’s insane and uses toxins and poisons to subdue her enemies She’s the living embodiment of Wake’s sense of smell.

Here’s the piece, and thanks again to Iain!


Vessels #1 launches in July 2016

Vessels 1 printjpg