Vessels: a dark fantasy comic tribute to RPG gaming

Vessels is the second series from Card Shark Comics. Inspired by the Dark Souls series of videogames and a life-long passion for role-playing games, the series is set during the final days of a dying medieval world. One day the fabric of reality itself collapses, causing the fantasy realm of Cairnthala to smash into the modern world with cataclysmic results.

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Vessels #3 hitting Kickstarter October, 2017

Vessels trade paperback #1 out 2018


Things get weird as the slivers of reality merge with distant dimensions, other time periods and even nightmares as the notion of what’s possible becomes warped beyond all recognition. It’s up to three brave warriors led by our hero Wake, the Transcended warrior of light (middle), to halt Cairnthala’s collapse. She must journey through strange lands and confront her deepest traumas to save the realm from annihilation.

But the Vessels have awoken, and they will stop at nothing to protect their new world of chaos and destruction…

Vessels reviews:

Comic Sleuth – Vessels #1 Review (10/10)
“Vessels is one of the most original comic books I have read in a while, a wonderfully deeply crafted plot set in a detailed and exciting world. Dark fantasy mixed with a Grimm fairy tale feel, led by a cast of three unique and well thought out characters.”

Starburst Magazine – Vessels #1 Review (9/10)
“Vessels is a captivating start to an intriguing mystery that’s it’s all but guaranteed to get far stranger before any answers are had, and with an opening this compelling that’s quite an exciting thought.”

Comic Booked – Vessels #1 Review (No Score)
“I truly feel like Vessels is a book that could have been done by a large company like Image or Boom and Card Shark Comics is starting to come into their own as a top notch company.”

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