Well this is something very humbling and awesome for Team Vessels – it’s the first action figure of our series hero Wake.



Created by Joe Ward AKA Captain Snikt’s Custom Action Figures, the Wake figurine was created using an existing action figure of X-Men legend Phoenix as a base:



To help Joe get her look right, series artist Rafael created an 180-degree character model crib sheet:


Wake’s trademark armour was them moulded on top of Phoenix, and Joe then gave her a base. You’ll notice the base has a blue line running down the middle – this is the Veil (the realm of dreams) dividing the realm of Cairnthala and our modern world.


Joe even crafted a version of Wake’s trusty curved shortsword, which she will be using a lot in fights throughout issue #3.

Unfortunately, she’s not for sale, but will be hitting the road with me to conventions, starting with Thought Bubble in Leeds next month.

For a full line up of our conventions, hit up our con page here.

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