Hello Card Sharks, Dave here proudly unveiling the second Killtopia promo art by Craig Paton and a new character bio.

This piece focuses on main character Shinji, an orphan of the Sector K cataclysm that unleashed a horde of killer Mechs onto the city. The city itself is a sprawling Japanese metropolis in the far future, but not so far that we stray into science-fantasy territory.

The same cataclysm led Shinji’s sister Omi to fall sick with a fatal nano virus that slowly hollows people out from the inside, unless they can afford expensive treatment to slow (or in rare cases, halt) the process.

Shinji enters Sector K (known today as Killtopia) illegally, to hunt the rogue Mechs for salvage, which he sells to pay for Omi’s medicine. It’s a violent place stalked by robot hunters called Wreckers, each with bigger and meaner tech than our reckless hero.

But there are deadlier and weirder things in Killtopia than Wreckers and Mechs, as Shinji and his friends will find out in Issue #1, hitting Kickstarter on February 2nd, 2018 – we’ve got a Facebook event set up for it at http://www.kickstarter.com/cardsharkcomics

We hope you’ll join Card Shark Comics in this balls out, face smashing, explosive ride through futuristic Japan.