On June 2, our friends over at indie comic marketplace Comichaus will be launching their very first anthology for issue #1 of Comichaus: The Comic, which will be a new monthly anthology of short stories by different creator teams.

Card Shark Comics has a story in there called Feather, which takes place in a small US town as mysterious events threaten to unsettle the sleepy, small town atmosphere in ways no one could ever predict.

There’s a large mystery at the core of the series, being that twists always go hand-in-hand with anthologies, so I can’t really say too much more at this point. Either way, it’s been an absolute pleasure to work with incredibly talented artist Norrie Millar on this series and you can find a teaser of his art here.

Today though, we’re revealing a piece of Feather pin-up art by Rafael Desquitado, who is artist on Card Shark Comics’ second series, the Dark Souls-inspired Vessels.

The piece features one our main characters Sally and yes that is a jetpack on her back 😉

Enjoy, and we’ll see you guys on June 2 for the Comichaus Kickstarter!