Howdy folks, Dave here with the reveal of a new short comic series from Card Shark Comics and incredibly talented artist Norrie Millar.

It’s called Feather, and it’s a six part story that will appear in a new comic anthology from the amazing team at Comichaus, who are both a comic marketplace and production team. Seriously click the link and show them some love, they’re brilliant.


The first anthology issue will release in August, following a Kickstarter from the Comichaus team (date TBC), and a new issue will release every other month from there. I’m very excited to be a part of this great project, and to rub shoulders with some truly superb creators – such as Luke Cooper (Hollow Girl) and James McCulloch (City of Lost Souls).

What is Feather about?

Feather is one of those stories that’s easy to spoil so I don’t want to give too much away. In short, it stars small town cop Doug Swain, who lives in a place where nothing really happens (think Fargo before all the mob killings and violence :P). It’s a drag.

Things liven up when a strange new strain of bird flu sweeps the world and things go a bit odd. It’s not a zombie-style epidemic or anything like that, I did that already in Bust 😀

I think readers will be surprised with where we’re going with this particular viral outbreak, and from what I’ve seen it hasn’t been done quite like this before, so I’m excited to get this story out there.

More exciting still, if the series proves popular, we’ve discussed potentially launching all six parts as Feather #0, and continuing the story beyond the prologue. We’ll only do this if it proves popular and there’s a demand for it of course, but I live in hope!

That’s all for now. I’ll post up fresh details of the Comichaus anthology when it goes live. Until then folks, thanks for your support!