A while back I teamed up with Dundee-based artist and all round good-egg Norrie Millar (creator of the SICBA-nominated comic Snowbound – seriously, read it!).

We started working on a short comic series for Comichaus – the new UK indie anthology – called Feather. It’s quite different from the other Card Shark series Bust and Vessels.

It was inspired by the Fargo television series, a sort of look at what happens when something unexplained and beyond our comprehension table-flips a small town community.


Feather is a really hard story not to spoil, so all I’ll say is it stars a beat cop called Doug Swain who finds his life upended when his fellow townspeople start succumbing to a greater power – with rather brutal results.

It all kicks off in Comichaus #1 this August, and will continue for six months (a new part each month) and who knows, maybe we’ll continue the series beyond that if it’s received well?

Stay tuned folks, this is going to be a great anthology full of the new wave of rising UK comic stars.