Happy Sunday Bust backers! Dave here with a quick update on Bust 2’s extras.

First, Kickstarter won’t be paying out the funds raised for over a week yet, so we can’t get everyone paid up and moving on the extras too much until we ensure they get their fees, but rest assured, they’ll happen.

Also, a note on custom backer sketches. As with Bust #1, we dealt with these after the issue was finished, as they take a fair amount of time to produce, but we’ll be taking sketch requests soon. Keep an eye out on your email inboxes soon for an email from me asking what you’d like – seriously, go nuts – the weirder the better! 😛

Now then, here’s a wee taster for you – the current version of out first variant cover, with pencils by Rhiannon Maclean and inks by Garry Robertson.

Bear in mind, this is still work in progress and we’re yet to add colour, but we hope you enjoy the hand-crafted appeal of this stunning cover:

We hope you dig it! and if you’d like to hire Garry for all your inking needs or just check out more of his stellar work, head over to this Facebook page now.

Thanks guys, more soon!