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Feather #1-6


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In a small American town where nothing exciting ever happens, strange new strain of bird flu tears the lives of county cops Doug and Sally Swain apart. As the virus sweeps the country, it becomes clear that it has biblical consequences. Religious faith, loyalty and brotherhood are put to the ultimate test as the world falls to its knees. Can our heroes endure what comes next?


Vessels #1


“One of the most original comic books I have read in a while – 10/10” – Comic Sleuth

“A captivating start to an intriguing mystery – 9/10” – Starburst Magazine

“A book that could have been done by a large company like Image or Boom” – Comic Booked

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Inspired by the Dark Souls game series, RPG videogaming and dark fantasy fiction, the 10-part series Vessels takes place in a dying medieval world that is merging with our own, modern reality with cataclysmic results.

Only Wake, a gifted woman with the ability to pull objects out of her dreams,has the power to save her world from total collapse. But first she must slay the Vessels, a band of deadly knights who are the personification of the five senses.

(Basically, if you take weird stuff like Inception or Doctor Strange, and splice it with Game of Thrones, you’re along the right track :P)


Vessels #2


“As if Grant Morrison was writing Game of Thrones while tripping balls on acid – Rank A” – 2 Guys 1 Review.

“lives up to the expectations left by its debut and then some – 9/10” – Starburst Magazine

“Vessels has an impressive amount of depth bubbling just beneath the surface” – Big Comic Page.

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Things are getting weird in Cairnthala. After defeating the Eye-God in the skies above Stratum, Wake and her new comrade G’Dala formulate a plan to defeat the demon while it is weakened. However, dark forces converge to block our heroes every step of the way, including an unlikely enemy and a broken mage who has lost his faith. What is real? What is fantasy? The lines blur evermore.


Bust 3: A Sackcloth Smile


“As tense as it is compelling – 10/10” – Starburst Magazine

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The third chapter in our post-apocalyptic road trip saga, Bust #3: A Sackcloth Smile finds former cage fighter Jack slipping into the maw of dementia as he fights to deliver a young girl to the safety of an old government facility. His nemesis Sackcloth is always one step behind the old card shark in a deadly race that fans of Mad Max will enjoy.


Bust 2: Wasteland Ronin

Bust 2 cover

“A bastard hybrid of The Walking Dead and Mad Max – 9/10” – Starburst Magazine

“Offers a very unique take on a well worn genre and terrific execution of timeless themes – 4/5” – Examiner

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Set ten years after the brutal events of Bust #1, our sequel finds Jack in a dark place. His mind is fractured, his moral compass spins out of control and every raider from Texas to NYC wants his head on a stake. After meeting a young tech-head named Lily, the pair embark on a road trip across the Free South to reach a relic from the old world before a sadistic gang called The Smilers get there first.


Bust #1


“Heart felt, brutal and quite dystopian, speculative and full of twisted poetry – 4/5” – Big Glasgow Comic Page

“A bleak and violent vision of the future – 8/10” – Starburst Magazine

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The birth of our post-apocalyptic road trip comic sees Las Vegas card hustler Jack fighting for his family and his sanity in a post-apocalyptic America gone insane. Channeling Mad Max and the Fallout franchise, this is a bloody-knuckled dive into the carnage of societal collapse.