Aside from working on our own comics, the Card Shark Comics team are often collaborating with other creators to produce short series and one-off shorts for anthologies. You’ll find all of our published short stories here, along with details on how to buy them – enjoy!

Feather Teaser

Feather #0

Prod. by Dave Cook / Norrie Millar

Feather is a short, six-part story that will feature in a new anthology from indie production team and marketplace Comichaus. The anthology begins in August, with new issues out every other month.

The plot involves a small town cop called Doug Swain as he witnesses the spread of a strange new strain of bird flu across the planet (Nope, it’s not a zombie virus!). All six parts of Feather will make up an ‘issue #0’ – which serves as our prologue, should we wish to keep the story going in future. Let’s hope it’s popular! 😉



Killer Be Killed (In The Grime #1)

Killer be Killed is Dave’s short story in The Grime #1, a new horror anthology for mature readers from James McCulloch (City of Lost Souls). This three-page story dives into the mind of a serial killer as they attempt to get inside their victim’s head moments before they commit murder. No joke, it’s dark!

Prod by: Dave Cook / Janine Van Moosel / Garry Robertson



The Final Boss (FutureQuake #28)

The Final Boss is a four page short that sees disgraced cop Johnny brace himself to confront the killer of his wife and son, the same man who framed him and cost him his career. As Johnny prepares to take down the corrupt DA at the top of the gangster ladder, a startling world-changing revelation is revealed.

Prod. by: Dave Cook / RH Stewart



Comfort (Overload #1)

Comfort was the first story Dave Cook had published, thanks to Martin Conaghan and his Copydesk production Overload #1. It’s about a lawyer who has grown so overly attached to her work, that she has no time to appreciate anything else – including her childhood stuffed bear. Naturally, the bear isn’t pleased with years of neglect, and takes revenge into his own paws…

Prod. by: Dave Cook / Gary Crutchley