Every so often reviewers will pick up copies of Card Shark Comics titles at shows or we’ll send them out for review.

Here’s just a sample of the reviews Card Shark Comic titles have picked up over the years.

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Comic Booked – Killtopia Preview

“I love the idea of a megatropolis where super tech rules and androids roam the landscape of neon lights and futuristic people. This has all the ingredients for hit in the grossly under served cyberpunk fantasy world.”

Comics Anonymous – Killtopia interview

“The writing from Dave & art from Craig is looking amazing and with Robin Jones joining the campaign to do lettering it’s looking like this could be an early entry in my highlights list…..and that’s before getting a read…..ok…..I’m hyped”

Comics Anonymous – Bust #3 Review (8/10)
“Insanity, action, heartache and everything in between is conveyed across the pages by Dave & Chris which means we reach the midway point of it’s five issue run with an established sense of achievement. “

Big Comic Page – Vessels #2 Review (no score)
“Vessels has an impressive amount of depth bubbling just beneath the surface, and I for one am planning on sticking around until the true nature of this series reveals itself.”

Geek Retreat – Vessels #2 Review (no score)
“I loved this book, and I think you do yourself a disservice by not checking it out.”

Major Spoilers – Vessels #2 Review (4.95/5)
“Vessels is kicking into high gear, and I think this issue will be one to remember.”

Comics Anonymous – Vessels #2 Review (9/10)
“Another reminder that indie/small press books can match any of the big publishers with the right story and creative team behind it.”

Starburst Magazine – Bust #3: A Sackcloth Smile (10/10)
Bust straddles a line between hope and desolation that keeps the series as tense as it is compelling, and with two more issues remaining there’s enough time for events to swing either way.”

Big Comic Page – Vessels #2 Review (No score)
“Vessels has an impressive amount of depth bubbling just beneath the surface, and I for one am planning on sticking around until the true nature of this series reveals itself.”

2 Guys 1 Review – Vessels #2 Review (A Rank)
“If I had to describe Vessels to you in one sentence I would say, “It is as if Grant Morrison was writing Game of Thrones while tripping balls on acid.” That, my friends, is Vessels.”

Starburst Magazine – Vessels #2 Review (9/10)
“This second issue of Vessels lives up to the expectations left by its debut and then some. It affords us little more understanding about what’s going on, but leaves us eager and impatient to find out.”

Pipedream Comics – Vessels #1 Review
“A promising first issue of world-building, character introduction and the hint of not one, but multiple dangers on the horizon.”

Comic Sleuth – Vessels #1 Review (10/10)
“Vessels is one of the most original comic books I have read in a while, a wonderfully deeply crafted plot set in a detailed and exciting world. Dark fantasy mixed with a Grimm fairy tale feel, led by a cast of three unique and well thought out characters.”

Big Comic Page – Vessels #1 Review (No Score) 
“Cook has done a truly impressive job with his world building here, creating the intriguing, multi-layered realm of Cairnthala and filling it with interesting people and places.”

Starburst Magazine – Vessels #1 Review (9/10) 
“Vessels is a captivating start to an intriguing mystery that’s it’s all but guaranteed to get far stranger before any answers are had, and with an opening this compelling that’s quite an exciting thought.”

Comic Booked – Vessels #1 Review (No Score)
“I truly feel like Vessels is a book that could have been done by a large company like Image or Boom and Card Shark Comics is starting to come into their own as a top notch company.”

Big Glasgow Comic Page – Vessels #1 Review (9/10)
“The creative team as a whole have forged an original and exciting comic book in Vessels that has a lot to offer in future instalments.”

Major Spoilers – Vessels #1 Review (4.5/5) 
“Just like magic, fantasy can be a slippery slope when it comes to effective storytelling. Vessels manages that perfectly, and left me wanting more!”

Geek Retreat – Vessels #1 Review (No Score) 
“With Vessels, Cook knocks it out of the park. Effortlessly engrossing, Cook’s writing creates a world and story that is sullen and forsaken. If you like your fantasy stories full of darkness and intrigue, then Vessels is sure to be right up your alley.”

Comics Anonymous – Vessels #1 Review (9/10) 
“It’s a finely balanced first issue and the detail within the narrative, dialogue, panel layout and plot has the air of a mainstream title rather than a small press one.  Dave’s upped his game.”

Starburst Magazine – Bust #2 Review (9/10)
“Like some bastard hybrid of The Walking Dead and Mad Max, with only its second issue Bust has given itself a solid foundation from which to build. If it can get this good this quickly, then whatever comes next will be something to look forward to.” – Bust #2 Review (4/5)
“The end result is another gritty and violent black and white affair which offers thirty-five pages of excitement to readers across both shores. It offers a very unique take on a well worn genre and terrific execution of timeless themes.”

Big Glasgow Comic Page – Bust #2 Review (7/10)
“I don’t want to spoil too much story, but it flows easily and keeps up a good pace. It leaves a good cliff hanger and I think that anyone who enjoys films like Mad Max, or Doomsday ought to dig Bust. It is one I will continue to follow!”

ComicsAnonymous – Bust #2 Review (7/10)
“The second issue of Bust hit the same success in it’s Kickstarter as the first and writer Dave Cook teams up again with artist Chris O’Toole to keep their post-apocalyptic world bubbling with a frenzied energy. Dave’s characters & plot combines amazingly well with the improving artwork from Chris.”

PopCultHQ – Bust #1 Review (4/5) 
“Reading Bust takes me back to the good old underground independent days of comic books… the heart of an independent passion is what clearly shines through. A very good first attempt at a comic book from the creative team of Dave Cook and Chris O’ Toole. With time they will only improve and so will Bust.”

The Desert Whales Podcast – Episode 14: Bust Review (not scored) 

“This has taken every decent of a B-Movie and rolled it all together. I really like that aspect of it, it’s violent and over the top… You get to know the characters, and see development between those characters. It’s everything you need a comic to be, to build a coherent story.”

Starburst Magazine – 8/10 review of Bust: Issue #1 

“In the America of the near future, a mysterious virus has ravaged humanity, turning people into mindless slavering mutants and leading to the downfall of civilisation. The last bastion of humanity, Austin, Texas, is a decaying purgatory, merely a populated reflection of the post-apocalyptic wasteland outside its walls. The only difference is that the chaos is orderly, structured, refined.”


Big Glasgow Comic Page – Bust: Issue 1 Review (4/5 stars)

“For just over 30 pages it fits so much in, without feeling too rushed. It is heart felt, brutal and quite dystopian. Speculative and full of twisted poetry (the visual and metaphorical kind, not the rhyming kind!) This is a tale of redemption, rebellion, karma and purpose. But most of all, metamorphosis.”

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