Hey folks, Dave here with a huge announcement. We’ve signed a publishing deal with Scottish publisher BHP Comics, who will be helping us get Killtopia out to readers across the world when it launches publically on October 3rd, 2018.


What does this mean? Well, if you backed Killtopia #1 on Kickstarter it doesn’t mean anything for when you’ll get the book – it’ll still be sent out to you in October.

For everyone else, it’ll mean the book will be available yo buy from www.bhpcomics.co.uk and from us direct at comic cons. You can also speak with your local comic store to get some copies bought in for you and your friends.

We also have our comic con launch confirmed, which will be at the wonderful Thought Bubble convention in Leeds – September 22/23.

Sha Nazir, who heads up BHP said of Killtopia #1, “Killtopia captures the zietgiest of readers having an appitite for genre based sci-fi books and it immediately caught our attention.

“This is the first time BHP have acquired a book funded by Kickstater and we are really pleased to add to the books success by increasing its visibility through the book industry and excited to bring this new world to our readers in September.”

I just want to say a huge thanks to Sha and the team at BHP for signing us and for giving us a shot in the comic industry. We’re going to work our assess off hard to make good things happen this year and beyond.

Watch this space and thanks for your support guys!