Hi guys, Dave here with a fresh update for you, and some sick new art from our guest print artist, Gary Erskine.

But first, Craig is now deep into colouring the issue, and what I’ve seen so far is looking damn tasty! We’ll have some final-colour page art for you very soon, so keep an eye out for an update on that 😀

If you haven’t come across Gary Erskine before, he’s a regular guest at many big conventions across the UK, and has worked with both Marvel and DC, having produced art for Captain America, Star Wars (Dark Horse), Doctor Who, Terminator, and Dan Dare.

He also co-created the three part Image series City of Silence with Warren Ellis, who you may know as the creator of Transmetropolitan – my biggest influence when I first created the Killtopia concept.

So without any more dicking about, here’s Gary’s art.

Note: these are just warm up character pieces ahead of Gary doing your backer print. These are NOT the backer prints you’ll receive in October.

(Still, how freaking awesome are these for warm ups?! :O )

Stay tuned for Gary’s final print soon!