Howdy folks, Craig and I are getting close to revealing the first five full pages from Killtopia #1 – our Blade Runner meets Battle Royale brawl-fest set in future Japan.

We’ve been slowly revealing panels from inside the comic, in the run up to our Kickstarter campaign on February 2nd.

Here’s the first three for you to check out;

This piece shows a robot hunter called Screaming Metal, standing before the ruins of what used to be Sector K – now known as Killtopia.

Here we see a super fan of elite Wrecker and Killtopia co-star Stiletto selling his ballsack for tickets to Wreck-Fest X – a yearly tournament where Wreckers fight to the death in Killtopia.

Here, Stiletto addresses her most loyal fans in the slums (by peddling her tacky merchandise and cosplay gear to them)

Enjoy, and stay tuned for more updates and full pages soon 😀