Since launching at Thought Bubble in September, Killtopia #1 has received a lot of reviews – the most of any Card Shark Comics production to date, and right now it’s holding  a near perfect score across them all (which is petty mind blowing!)

We thought we’d compile all Killtopia reviews in one place, for anyone who is on the fence about picking it up, or if you just want to know more about our cyberpunk saga.

So without any messing around, let’s dive right into what the critics had to say!

The Skinny (click hereto read)– 4 Stars

“Killtopia is an electrifying trip, perfectly told by Dave Cook’s writing and Craig Paton’s illustrations.”

Starburst Magazine (click here to read) – 10/10

“Killtopia is a meticulously-crafted fusion of glamour and gloom, perfectly portraying a future as energetically effervescent as it is unforgivingly brutal, and more than worthy of taking its place alongside the litany of classics that inspired it.”

Big Comic Page (click here to read) – 5/5

“If you buy one comic this year, buy this one. Yes, it’s that good.”

Tripwire (click here to read)

“There is nothing here that fails to impress. A startlingly strong debut, an embodiment of everything cyberpunk does well and one of the best science fiction comics I’ve read so far this year. Utterly recommended.”

Geek Native (click here to read)

“A slam dunk. Killtopia creates a scarily believable future featuring capitalism after the bomb and drops you right in it.”

Fandemonium (click here to read)

“For all its neon and gore, Killtopia has serious heart and that’s what left me gaping at the end of Vol. 1 and really hoping I don’t have long to wait to find out what happens next!”

Comicbooked (click here to read)

“I feel like Killtopia could easily be a title seen at Vertigo or Image.”

Pipedream Comics (click here to read)

“Killtopia has more than lived up to it’s lofty ideas, and is a fantastic example of how to put together an exciting and innovative indie comic. It is a fantastic product that more than justifies the wait and is another fantastic calling card for the vibrancy and originality of the UK indie scene.”

Comics Scene Magazine (click here to read)
“They say most people have one great album in them. The truth could be said of comic creators. This is an exceptional piece of work and if never bettered everyone involved can be proud of what they have achieved. This is a fantastic, well constructed story which ends making you want more.”