Hi guys, Dave here with a fresh Killtopia update, and something a little bit different this time.

Way back last year, artist Craig and I were busy doing early work on both the Killtopia plot and art, and having the occasional Skype call to discuss ideas.

When we were working on our respective parts of the series, we’d listen to music to help us get our heads into the neon-drenched, violent and technologically weird world of futuristic Japan.

It was a great way of immersing ourselves in how we both interpreted the tone of the world, and I wanted to share the tunes with you, so you can get a feel for the how we felt the tone should be.

So we created two Killtopia playlist mixtapes on Spotify – side one is curated by me and side two is by Craig.

Side one: https://open.spotify.com/user/1124861575/playlist/2weTfKaMZGscAS05vUuhCq?si=ECueeNPE

Side two: https://open.spotify.com/user/1124861575/playlist/6DTZcWr0hL7FxmQBHgkEwr?si=7CCbRnkR

Both sides offer an eclectic range of tracks, including the deep, nasty synth of ‘Come up and Get Me’ by California project Death Grips, the grimy rap-punk of ‘Dope Dealerz’ by Ho99o9, the super charged rhymes of ‘Legend Has It’ by Run the Jewels and the dance club ’90s haze of ‘Chemical Beats’ by the Chemical Brothers

And of course, no Japanese cyberpunk tale would be complete without ‘Kaneda’ from the Akira movie soundtrack and the opening track from Blade Runner.

Check them out, give them a follow and a share, and I’ll see you guys next update 😀