Happy Monday Vessels #1 fans and Kickstarter backers! Dave here with a fresh update for you 🙂

This time it’s the reveal of our Al Reid print, which shows a very Dragon Age-style image of our hero Wake as she stands with the demonic Eye-God looming overhead.

The power she’s holding in her hand is known only as her “inner-light”, and it is said to be a life force that all residents of Cairnthala holds. However, when Wake uses this power, it alerts the Eye-God to her whereabouts.

So she has a conundrum – risk defeat in battle by relying on her sword skills alone, or call upon her inner light to win battles easily but risk evaporating everything and everyone around her thanks to the Eye-God.

Needless to say, this is a problem that comes up often in our story…

Here it is!

It's so Dragon Age, and that of course is awesome! :D
It’s so Dragon Age, and that of course is awesome! 😀


Al Reid is a great chap that I see often on the Scottish comic convention circuit and is the talent behind Haywire Visions. If you visit his site, you’ll see a great range of original art prints and tribute pieces to the likes of Deadpool, Tank Girl, Harley Quinn and other iconic characters. His style is diverse and painstakingly detailed.

Al is the same talent behind a print we gave to backers of our Bust 2: Wasteland Ronin Kickstarter back in October. It shows the comic’s hero jack wielding a pretty nasty nail bomb!

This bomb gets used to pretty gruesome effect too..
This bomb gets used to pretty gruesome effect too..


If you’re a fan of collectible art prints that would have pride and place in your collection then check out Haywire Visions today, you won’t regret it 😀

Next update coming soon: In which we show off Emma Parlow’s work-in-progress print (Which reveals one of our Vessels for the first time) as well as our three-card tarot pack It’s going to be a big update!

Thanks for your support guys!