Hi there, Dave here with an update on the Vessels #2 cover and launch plans. As promised in our Kickstarter campaign back in February, we were aiming for a July launch and thanks to the hard work of Team Vessels, we’re on track to launch on target.

To celebrate, here’s the final Vessels #2 comic cover with art by Gary Kelly and colours from Lesley Atlansky:


The cover shows master thief (and brash motormouth) Marillon riding her spirit wolf across the Medulla Plains. Her wolf is literally a ghost that can be summoned whenever Marillon’s in a fight or needs to make a hasty exit. You’ll be seeing more of her in action in future issues.

For now, if you’d like to keep up to date with Vessels #2 launch plans, you can hit up our Facebook and Instagram for regular previews, bonuses and more.