If you’re new to our 2018 release Killtopia, I’ve put together a quick story primer just to get you started. It’s spoiler free as well, so don’t worry about any sly reveals.

Issue #1 hits Kickstarter on February 2nd, 2018 and is a must for anyone into videogames, anime, manga and action movies.

Ready, here goes 🙂


Killtopia is a comic series set in a futuristic, neon-scorched Japanese metropolis. In this version of the world, the city is overrun by an infestation of killer Mechs – hulking robots that are slowly terraforming the city into a hostile jungle environment,

Corporations, governments and criminals pay bounty hunters called Wreckers to enter the hub of the infestation – a zone called Killtopia – to slay the Mechs and retrieve their precious high tech scrap in exchange for money, fame and glory.

Our comic series focused on Shinji, a rookie Wrecker with crap weaponry who hunts Mechs to pay for his dying sister’s medical care. One day he meets the world’s first thinking, feeling sentient Mech – a robot called Crash.

Quickly, both Shinji and Crash are wanted fugitives, on the run from Yakuza gangs, robotic Kaiju monsters, android samurai and a range of Wreckers with larger than life personalities.

They find themselves thrust into a deadly conspiracy that threatens to end the world. Can they escape capture long enough to save the planet and our species from total extinction?

You can find out when Killtopia #1 drops in 2018