Howdy folks, Dave here with a really neat interview I did with Comic Crusaders about the personal costs of making a comic book.

That means things like the amount of hours it takes to produce an indie book, knowing when to take your foot of the gas to have a life, and more.

Here’s a snippet:

“Always remind yourself of why you’re doing comics to begin with. If it’s to get a Netflix deal and be a millionaire, you’d probably want to lower your initial goals first.

“But if you keep sight of your goal and work hard, break down the steps you need to get there, and really get yourself out there, great things can happen – oh and remember to keep time aside for yourself too!”

There’s also questions about how my career and past skills in games journalism helped us promote the Killtopia Kickstarter, how we teamed up with Darick Robertson, Caspar Wijngaard and our other guest artists for prints, and more.

Hope you enjoy the article, and we’ll have some new updates for you soon 🙂