It’s been a busy time for Killtopia interviews recently, and it’s seriously amazing to see so many sites and people wanting to know more about the series – I never once imagined it becoming this popular!

My latest press interview comes from the wonderful Big Comic Page, who had the first chance to read through the full Killtopia #1 script, and got a first look at Killtopia #2 (the script is now complete, woo!)

In the interview, Sam Graven talks with me about a dark aspect of the plot we hadn’t revealed much about yet – namely, an overarching healthcare angle that is central to our plot and Shinji’s driving motivation.

We mentioned during the Kickstarter that Shinji hunts Mechs illegally to pay for his sister Omi’s medical care, but we didn’t go too far into what her nano disease (called The Rot) is, and how it’s impacted the wider planet.

Ultimately, due to Mech nano bots in the atmosphere and the air we breathe daily, millions around the world have it, and that’s not counting the countless people who have already died from it in the ten years since the Mechs first appeared.

There is no cure, but a drug called Terra-Aid can slow down the Rot in some cases. It’s not cheap, which means the poor classes are likely to die from it – having their insides terraformed by microscopic bots until they collapse internally (ouch!)

So our world state in Killtopia is one of civil unrest. Funding to maintain anti-Rot purifiers in the city’s lower wards has stopped, leading to government riots and a sketchy black market. It was inspired by the real life dismantling of the UK’s NHS, and by opposition to the American Obamacare system.

Check out Big Comic Page’s brilliant article – and thanks again to Sam and the guys for speaking with me.