So, I just got into bed after a long day, all ready to nod off, but I thought I’d check my emails one last time. I absolutely wasn’t expecting to see us hit our Kickstarter target tonight. What a surprise!

I honestly can’t convey just how happy I am to have had your support during this campaign, and my appreciation is through the roof. Thank you very, very much to all of our backers. Regardless of how much you pledged, you all have my thanks.

We still have 30 days of funding left so it’s now time to think about stretch goals. These are additional milestones we can set for new backers, and to help give you guys some more rewards.

I have some goals in mind, but I need to really thimk about them before we commit. Expect another update either tomorrow or Thursday with those proposed goals.

I’ll be looking for some feedback before we add them to the campaign so please do chip in when the time comes.

But for now, I need to sleep, but sincerely again, thank you very much for your support. This is truly incredible 🙂