Hi everyone, Dave here with a fresh update hot on the heels of our Vessels #2 launch in August. But first, a recap:

Vessels #2 is now officially our biggest launch yet, with our record number of Kickstarter backers receiving the comic by mail, our largest launch orders on Comichaus.com and huge sales in our local Forbidden Planet store in Edinburgh.

So once again I want to say a big thanks to our fans for supporting the series – you rule!

Which brings us to what comes next, Vessels #3. We just revealed the cover on our Facebook:

You might recognise that image of Wake with her electric guitar from the Vessels #2 bonuses. She’s finally going to world the guitar in issue 3 and she does some pretty cool things with it too.

We’re actually yet to see Wake’s superior fighting skills in action – and it’s something we teased back in issue #1. You’ll get to see her in action a lot across issues #3 and #4.

We’ve also revealed our back blurb synopsis, which will appear on the back cover:

We hope the synopsis catches your interest and that you’ll join us when Vessels #3 hits Kickstarter in May 2018.

Thanks everyone 🙂