We can finally lift the lid on Vessels #2, the follow up to our critically acclaimed dark fantasy epic.

Inspired by the Dark Souls game series, Vessels is set in the dying world of Cairnthala, a medieval realm that is merging with the Veil, the realm of dreams, causing all sorts of mind-bending anomalies and cataclysms.

Here’s the official synopsis for Vessels #2:

Reeling from the Eye-God’s assault, the forces of Stratum plan a counter-attack on the demonic entity before it has a chance to strike again. Queen Stratum has chosen Wake, the warrior of legend, to lead an attack on the source of its power.

Unknown to our heroes, a pair of deadly conspirators threaten to undermine Wake’s plan, and usher in a new age of darkness and chaos. Meanwhile, a band of ethereal knights known as the Vessels has begun their hunt for Wake.

As Wake embarks on her grand journey to slay the Eye-God, the seeds of war are unknowingly planted in a remote village called Fairholm, home of a rogue Mind-Keeper who fled Stratum many years ago.

Amidst the chaos, the realm of dreams continues to bleed into the waking world, redefining the very notion of reality forever.

Can it be stopped?

Vessels #2: The first four comic pages

And without much further ado, here are the first four pages of Vessels #2 in full.

Vessels issue 2 page 1_Colors_RGB

Vessels issue 2 page 2_Colors_RGB Vessels issue 2 page 3_Colors_RGB Vessels issue 2 page 4_Colors_RGB