Vessels is heading to Kickstarter on January 29th at round 1pm UK time!

The second series from Card Shark Comics is my personal love letter to one of my favourite video game series of all time Dark Souls, so this is a story that is very close to my heart, and the heart of our superb artist Rafael Desquitado Jr.

Head to the ‘About Vessels’ section for a deeper synopsis, but in short, how would I describe this one?

Well, I’ve been pitching it to comic press as Dark Souls meets Inception with some Game of Thrones sprinkled on top.

Here’s the cover:

Vessels 1 KS

Pretty mad mix of influences huh? So you have dark fantasy in there – lots of grotesque beasts, a drying world and some really nasty characters – but the Inception link comes from there being a lot of weird, mind bending stuff going on.

For example, our hero Wake – a female warrior who is hounded by a terrible entity from another world – has some pretty trippy dreams, and is capable of accidentally pulling modern day objects from her dreams into this almost medieval plane of existence.

Here’s Wake throwing down against some raiders from the capital city of Stratum. She doesn’t take any shit, by the way – no crap female characters here folks!

page 4

It’s clear from the start that something’s not right with the world, and it’s up to Wake to destroy the source of her demonic pursuer’s power, but in her way are five legendary warriors – the Vessels – who are hell-bent on stopping her at all costs.

They are the comic’s main antagonists, who are each based on one of the five senses. Who are they and what do they want? Well, you’ll have to pick up our first copy in Spring if we get successfully funded.

Thanks for checking out this post and the new Card Shark Comics site. I really appreciate the support 🙂