Killtopia is the fourth comic series from Card Shark Comics, launching 2017. It reunites creator/author Dave Cook with Bust cover artist Craig Paton for a dream team-up.

Full details of the series will be revealed in 2017, but we can reveal that it is our tribute to the older Manga properties like Akira, Guyver and Ghost in the Shell, together with Dave’s all-time favourite comic series Transmetropolitan, and the videogame works of both Suda51 and Platinum Games.

It’s set in a fictional Japanese city many years from now; a polluted metropolis with a hazy-neon-lit skyline, dotted by speeding bullet trains and the occasional twirl of pink cherry blossom.

The city’s lower wards are rusted and neglected, where broken down air purifiers stretch towards the sky, while the upper wards live well, tended to by robotic AI servants and sustained by clean air.

That’s all we can say until 2017…