Hi there Card Sharks, Dave here, proudly presenting the first full art reveal of the third Card Shark Comic series Killtopia, hitting Kickstarter in February 2018.

Designed by Craig Paton and created/written by Dave Cook, Killtopia is a tribute to old-school manga animation like The Guyver, Akira and Ghost in the Shell, as well as the videogames of Shinji Mikami and Platinum Games.

This image shows Stiletto, the most famous Wrecker in Neo Tokyo – and part of an elite breed of bounty hunters who are paid to terminate rogue mechs that have infested Killtopia, formally known as Sector K.

Stiletto is also the two time reigning champion of Wreck-Fest, a yearly tournament that pits Wreckers against each other in the steaming jungles of Killtopia.

As the tenth tournament looms, the world’s first sentient Mech emerges, trigging a city wide battle royale between Wreckers, the Yakuza and our other hero, a street punk called Shinji.

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-Dave and Craig (Team Killtopia)