Our friends over at indie comic marketplace Comichaus.com have launched the first three issues of their new indie anthology, featuring the work of Card Shark Comics friends James McCulloch (City of Lost Souls), Iain Laurie (And Then Emily Was Gone), Jon Laight (Brethren Born), Luke Cooper (Hollow Girl), Tom Ward (Doc Dino) and more.

There are new issues each month – save for a small break over Christmas – and each contains a new chapter in our latest series Feather, with art by the legendary Norrie Millar (Snowbound). It’s on the cover of Issue #2, with a superb cover by Marvel and DC artist John McCrea:


The series was inspired by the Coen Brother’s film Fargo, which is echoed in our small American town setting. It stars beat cop Doug Swain and his wife Sally, who both live in in a town where nothing exciting ever happens. It’s clear from that they have become very different people.


Doug is staunchly religious and stoic, while Sally is becoming bored with small town life, seeking thrills in increasingly dangerous places. When a strange new strain of bird flu sweeps the town, the couples’ faith and bond will be tested to breaking point.

feather 3

What no one understand however, is that the virus has biblical connotations that will shatter the world.

Take a leap of faith and check out Feather #1-3 in Comichaus #1-3 here.