Hello Bust friends and Kickstarter backers alike, and welcome to the new and improved Bust blog. We’re long past the point where we we were making a comic that *might* have been funded on Kickstarter, to something that actually has money behind it, and is getting made as you read this, so we thought it was time to make-over the site and put on our site’s Sunday best – so to speak.

So what’s new? Well, you’ll find a new blog reel on the homepage, and if you look along the top bar you’ll see clearly defined sections for Issue #1 (you’ll get each new page as it’s made there for free), and the Bust store (where you can pre-order print copies for our Spring launch).

We’ve also got Facebook and Twitter widgets on the right, so please do Like or Follow us to make us very happy.

Lastly, we’re opening up an Instagram account, because basically that thing is massive. We definitely should be on it as a visual project, so be sure to keep an eye out for that launching this week.

On to Kickstarter business…

It’s a short one this, but if you backed Bust on Kickstarter you should expect to be harassed for your postal address soon. I’m going to start compiling everyone’s details so we can ensure smooth delivery of our print copies come Spring. I want to make sure no one is disappointed thank to delays or missing items, and so on. That’s just not fun for anyone.

So yes, expect Page 19 imminently, and more news on our conversations with indie comic shops across the UK. We’re starting to speak with them now.

All the best folks. Thanks for your support!