Hello guys, I hope you’e having a stellar weekend so far! It’s time for another update.

I’m absolutely delighted to say that Bust funding has now hit 81% at £983 of our £1,200 goal. We are so close now, so if you happen to know of anyone who might like the comic, please do direct them to our campaign. Thank you so much to everyone who has pitched in so far, this means to much to Chris and I.

Page 13 is still in the works, but I thought I should point out that should Bust hit its goal, the other 19 pages won’t take this long to produce. We’re just wary about getting too ahead of ourselves at this stage should – and we HOPE this doesn’t happen! – we fail to hit our target by the close date on October 31.

That said, we should have page 13 for you this coming week, so stay tuned for that.

Let’s talk about edits
This brings me neatly to the topic of edits. I’m spending this afternoon going through the rest of our script to tighten up the grammar some more, and to identify panels where we can insert you £50 backers. Finding places to include our backers on the page will be pretty good fun, and I’m sure you guys will appreciate being immortalised on the page as well.

Truth be told, the Bust issue#1 script has been completed for a good ten months, as it’s jut taken us so long to self-fund the first 12 pages you see on our blog. So I think in the run up to our campaign closing the time is right to have a fresh pass at it and really make the dialogue sing. The story won’t be changed, I just want to see if there are any lines that need spruced up because hey, you guys are paying for this thing after all. It’s as much yours now as it is mine.

I can’t spoil any of the story moving forward, but you’ll start to see the plot take a sinister turn, while laying down some fundamentals about the city of Austin, and the extent of Eddie’s rule. We don’t spend too long in establishing the world state in issue #1 because this will be the focus of flashbacks in subsequent issues, so if you feel like there are some holes in Jack and his family’s time in Austin, just please bear in mind that this is intentional.

What I can say is that in issue #2 the world has changed a lot since the plague hit, so these flashbacks will serve as a grim contrast to how the world used to be, and to ask if things can ever go back to the way they were.

I’m a fan of ambiguity in stories – be it a game, film or novel. In my work-in-progress book Seventh Circle I barely even describe what characters look like, because I want you to have the freedom to decide that, and to give you more personal ownership over the story. I do that to an extent in Bust, but because comics are a visual medium I felt I had to answer most things eventually by the end. So I will, and definitely won’t leave you hanging.

Okay, that’s enough teasing for now, I’ve got edits to do 😀

Catch you all again next week!