Hi folks, Dave here – it’s been a crazy week in Bust-land!

First of all, we had a great time at the Falkirk Comic Mart on Saturday. Loads of sales, lots of new fans and I met many lovely comic enthusiasts. We’ll be back again if they hold another one – that’s for sure 😀

Next, we finished page 5 of Bust #2. Here’s a preview:

We’ve also got a preview of Page 6, which sees Jack taking a stroll through New Peach Orchard, a small shanty town in the Free South:

Next, we’ve just secured a table at Granite City Comic Con in Aberdeen on 30th April and 1st of May 2016. This is always a huge show full of great people, so we’re looking forward to being there.

Lastly, our indie label Card Shark Comics has just signed a five issue publishing deal for Bust in the US with publisher Insane Comics – which means as of January, Bust #1 will be available at American conventions and in stores,

Here’s their official announcement!

Thanks again to everyone who has supported Bust since the series began, and here’s to more releases and great shows down the line.