Good morning Bust fans and Kickstarter backers, Dave here with another pre-launch update.

I just received the print test for Bust: Issue #1, just before we sign off on the 300 copies we’ve ordered in our first run. I thought I’d do a quick video to show off the issue, and some of the Kickstarter-exclusive extras in the issue for our backers and early adopters.

There’s also some chat around the progress of issue #2, and what comes next for the series.

Here’s the clip. Check it out if you backed the comic:

Lastly, we’ve got a new backer sketch for our backer Jordan Capasso, which is a moose sized goose, riding a goose sized moose, leading a charge again the Hobbit’s Five Armies.

All I can say Jordan is “WTF?” We love it. Thanks for your request, and cheers to Chris for making it awesome:


That’s all for now folks. I’m looking forward to selling the issue at Glasgow ComicCon July. Be sure to seek me out if you’re there!