A friend of mine once told me they thought the Bust concept was outmoded because it was ‘just another zombie story.’

This post is to clarify that the monsters Jack fights in issue one are not zombies. I can see how they might look that way – I wouldn’t blame a single person for thinking that, but they’re actually the result of a plague that hits America, turning the majority of the population into decaying, rabid beasts that move fast, never back down and can tear through people like butter.

No spoilers, but there is a scene in issue #2 of Bust where one naive character asks “So, are these things zombies or what?” and the other person tells them not to be stupid. They explain that if you get bitten by one of these creatures, you will die. No resurrection, you don’t become a walking dead – you just die.

The population that remains are immune to the plague, and are fighting tooth and nail to ensure they eke out a safe existence amid all the freaks and roaming gangs that have taken control of the continent. Think more ‘Fallout’ than ‘Walking Dead’ – although the latter certainly is an influence throughout issue #2 and the arc that follows.

To say more would be to ruin the story so I’ll shut up now 😛

Thanks again, we’ll have a lot more coming soon!