Howdy backers and friends alike, Dave here with another Bust #2 update!

Hot off the heels of our publishing deal with Insane Comics (woo!), we’ve decided to stop sharing full pages of our issue upon completion. Essentially, the issue is pretty much spoiler-heavy from now on and we don’t want to ruin the first issue for you.

But we will be sharing panels from each page as Chris finishes them, and we currently have a new, finished preview of page six to share.

Page 6 preview

Here we see an older, more fragile (and balder!) Jack as he walks around the shanty town of New Peach Orchard. It’s a simple place that still bears the scars of the old world we saw from Issue #1, and is based on an actual town in Arkansas.

It’s here that the latest chapter in Jack’s blood-soaked life begins. There’s going to be more blood, obviously.

Production of page 7 is underway now and we’ll have more to share with you on that front soon!

Al Reid Art Prints

Next: You may remember these A4 backer bonus prints by Al Reid:

Well, they just got delivered safe and sound. These are glossy, high quality prints that all ¬£10 and above backers will receive with their copy of Bust #2. It’s great to see them arrive and to actually see them up close. I think you’ll all be very pleased.

Also, the wonderful Iain Laurie of And Then Emily Was Alone is putting together an A6 postcard of original Bust art for backers. ALthough we just missed out on funding our postcard pack stretch goal, we couldn’t leave you guys hanging – so expect news on this soon.

Events / Conventions / Fairs

We’ve got a nice little calendar of events coming up between now and next summer, so let’s dive in, and don’t forget: you can come meet me and get your copy of Bust signed in person at any of the following shows:

  • 28 Nov – Edinburgh Comic Mart @ The Counting House
    5 Dec РChristmas Geekmania @ Dundee TayStudentctr
    27-28 Feb – Edinburgh Capital Sci-Fi Con @ Meadowbank
    2-3 April – Edinburgh ComicCon @ EICC
    29 April – 2 May – Aberdeen Granite City ComicCon @ Hilton
    2-3 July – Glasgow ComicCon @ CCA

Not bad eh? There will be more of course, but this is just a taster of the never-ending Bust road trip.

That’s all for now folks. We’ll keep you posted on new art and launch updates as they come. Thanks again for all your wonderful support.