Hello Kickstarter backers, Bust friends and newcomers – a very happy day to you all!

Chris has just sent over page 26 of Bust: Issue #1 and it’s another bleak one (sorry!!!) that we can’t post a preview around as it’ll spoil the comic’s major twist.

You can read the page and the rest of issue #1 so far here. Go on, it’s free!

So in the absence of a preview, here’s a picture of a dog from the page instead (He’s a Kickstarter backer cameo):

Amazing and utterly random. Why would a dog visit a bloodsport match in the Austin arena? We don’t know, but the guys with him are our Kickstarter backers Conor Folan and Adam Paxman.

We hope you enjoy the cameo guys! Thanks for supporting us 😀

Page 27 is soon guys, we’re almost there.

-Dave & Chris x