Happy Friday guys, we’ve got some incredible news!

Bust 2: Wasteland Ronin has been fully funded thanks to the immense generosity of you guys, the backers! Thank you very, very much for all your support. I know we keep saying it but it’s true 🙂

So now we’ve made it, it’s time to talk stretch goals!

Here’s a run-down:

  • £1,600 – Exclusive Bust 2 art print by artist Al Reid – Al has agreed to create a special Kickstarter print of Jack in action for our £10+ Kickstarter backers. Check out his art site Haywire Visions here.
  • £1,800- Bust 2 cover by artist Craig Paton – Craig did the astounding art for our Issue #1 cover, and he’s already agreed to come back to create art for our second chapter. You can see his art site here (hire him!)
  • £1,900 – Bust 2 variant cover by artist Sef Blyth – Dave’s good friend Sef is an up and coming artist from Edinburgh, who specialises in video game canvas paintings. He’s read our full script and is on standby to create a new cover that will get a limited 50-copy run.(more from Sef soon)
  • £2,200 – Bust 2 gets a second print run – We’ll do a second batch of Wasteland Ronin issues for sale at conventions and online. It also means we can send out more on launch day and can fulfil more preorders.

Please do check out Al and Craig’s sites to see their stunning artwork. They really are incredibly talented people who deserve to have money thrown at them for producing consistently breathtaking art.

Stay tuned for more updates, and extra stretch goals as we finalise them.

Thanks again everyone, and have yourselves a great weekend!