Hello backers.

I’m starting to lightly ponder my stretch goals for Bust – which will come into play if we hit our target with time to spare. I’m not sure what we could offer up but if you have a second I’m keen for your feedback.

I was thinking that for an extra £250 I could do an additional print run of 200 copies (added on to the first batch as it’d work out cheaper in bulk, although that first batch will be signed as per the £5 reward tier). The idea is I could sell them on Etsy to help fund Bust issue #2 so that a second potential Kickstarter would have a lower goal.

Stretch goal two could come in the form of an official launch party here in Edinburgh, so that local backers can come pick up their copy and have it signed in person. The money would go towards venue hire and maybe even money behind the bar. We film it and make a nice closing montage for the campaign.

I’m also toying with putting a PayPal donate button on the Bust blog for after the campaign, so if anyone fancies helping fund issue #2 ahead of a second Kickstarter, they will have that option.

These are just ideas just now but we need to hit that initial target first. Thanks to all who have helped get us this far. We cannot thank you enough.