Hello Bust backers and friends alike, Dave here with another Kickstarter update for you, as well as the reveal of our new hero Lily, who will team up with Jack from Issue #2 forward.

Hows Bust 2 funding going?

Insanely well – so first – thank you very much to everyone who has backed us so far! We sincerely can’t thank you all enough for this, and rest assured if we hit our goal early we’ll be bringing some truly brilliant stretch goals to you all that are well worth backing for!

At the time of writing this post, we’re now at £1,088 of our £1,400 goal – which is just incredible progress seeing as we’ve just barely been live over day.


Meet Lily

In the world of Bust 2: Wasteland Ronin, we rejoin Jack at a very dark place in his life. America has changed beyond repair, his actions in Austin in Issue #1 have created a sustained sense of anarchy throughout the souther states – now known as the ‘Free South’ – and his mind is slipping fast. He’s older, world-weary but still build like a brick shit-house and able to kick ass.

But he’s a relic, a dusty old mistake of the old world. So when Jack happens across he young and optimistic Lily he sees the world in a different light, and the pair quickly race to save what little good there is left in the world from a terrible new threat.

Here she is:

Fun fact: she's named after my Gran!
Fun fact: she’s named after my Gran!

Chris threw this concept art together in the early stages of the Bust 2 script, so Lily’s design here is far from final – and we’ll be able to share more of her soon. I can also reveal that she is our new cover star for Issue #2 (more on the cover soon too!)

She’s a tinkerer, someone who is fascinated with old-world technology, and who spends her days cobbling together contraptions out of old scrap to keep her hometown running smoothly. Jack on the other hand, is old and totally out of touch with technology, so there’s a clash of ideals there too.

Her weapon of choice is of her own design – knives with electric charges running through them – which she uses to pretty brutal affect early on in the issue. We don’t see too much of her in action through Issue #2, but she plays an important role at several points in this comic. Her importance will grow massively from here, however.

That’s all I can say about Lily yet, but she’s a great character that I’ve taken a lot of care with. She isn’t sexualised, she’s not helpless, and actually might be the smartest character in the whole arc. In short: we hate stereotypes and the poor treatment of female characters, so you’ll find none of that shite hre.

That’s all for now guys, stay tuned for more and thanks again if you backed us – it means loads to us 😀