Tim at wonderful geek culture site Regeeken has profiled Bust over on his site. It’s a neat little introduction to the comic’s plot, and includes a few page previews as well. Be sure to check it out.


His write up adds, “I’ve only seen the first eighteen pages but the story is entertaining and engrossing and the art, strictly black and white, by game artist Chris O’Toole, is very well done.

I’d like to second that Chris <3

Tim adds, “One of the main things Dave wants to stress is that this is not another zombie comic.

I think that’s definitely an important point to get across. I’ve also been interviewed by another comic site this week and the article is due to go live soon. One of the question asked why I was doing a zombie story, and I had to come clean and reveal a bit of a twist.

The monsters you see in the early pages aren’t zombies, but savage mutants who have become decayed and warped by the plague. They also all die out before the second issue. In fact, there’s actually a flashback in issue #2: Wasteland Ronin where two characters discuss what the monsters are.

One asks if they’re zombies. The other tells their friend to stop being so stupid. We also see a two-headed, mutated crow on the first page of that issue to suggest the plague has evolved to target animals, so you can imagine there’s much worse lurking out there…

…you’ll see.

OK, enough teasing. Thank you again TIm, and be sure to give his site some love over at Regeeken!