Hello Kickstarter backers and friends of Bust, Dave here with another quick press update. International geek culture site Digital Riot has previewed Bust in a neat little feature that praises Chris’s art style, and champions the script’s reluctance to shoe-horn in mutants and action on every panel.

Writer Frey says:

“After reading Bust’s pages there are few things I want to say. When you are going through and developing a post-apocalyptic story, most people choose to develop a story that has fewer links to real human problems.

“Often we see a group of people fighting monsters, but what is truly monstrous is to see them fight each other. Dave and Chris are walking really good path with Bust. They use “monsters” just like sugar on donuts, while the main part of the mic is actually about people and a society that has lost morality and ethics.”

We’re really grateful to the Digital Riot team for such a positive write-up, and we hope to ave some more press coverage soon as well as Page 19.

Stay tuned guys!