Hello again Bust friends, fans and Kickstarter backers! This is update #2 for today, and this time we’re talking about reviews – two new reviews to be exact!

The first is from the great Pop Culture Cafe podcast, whose unscored review said, “There are some really, really good ideas in this book… Good story, good ideas, good artwork. More of this please!”

Their review had some superb insight into the story and brilliant advice for how Chris and I might progress in issue #2: Wasteland Ronin and beyond. We’ve got plenty of world-building incoming, so we’re positive everyone who picks up our second issue will enjoy that 😀

Thanks again guys, we can’t thank you enough for checking out our issue! You can listen to the review here (it’s at the start of the episode). Follow them on Twitter at @TPCCafe

Next up, we’ve got a great review from the Big Kid’s Playground podcast, in which the team said, “Everything about it is good… a very, very good start!”

We’re really happy with this review, and the guys have been mega-supportive of us as first-time comic creators. It’s support like this that helps us keep doing what we love, so thanks again 🙂

You can listen to the episode here (we’re the last review of the episode). Follow them on Twitter at @BKPlayground

Thank you so, so much guys, this means  lot to us 🙂

Stay tuned for our third update later today! (It’s a biggie!)