Ok, wow! Our new release Bust #3: A Sackcloth Smile was reviewed by UK comic and geek culture mag Starburst Magazine and they awarded it a whopping 10/10 score.

You can check out the review in full here.

Reviewer Andrew Marshall writes, “Unlike many post-apocalyptic series where overwhelming despair has made way to lifeless drudgery, in the world of Bust humanity has not quite decayed to the point where everyone has simply given up, and some people are yet to be beaten into submission by the harsh reality of the new order and still fight to make the world a better place.

“For them, life still nurtures a tiny spark of optimism, which in a way actually makes things worse; while there exists the potential of a new beginning, it equally runs the risk of being cruelly snatched away, leaving the promise of a restored world crumbling into ash.

“That Bust straddles this line between hope and desolation keeps the series as tense as it is compelling, and with two more issues remaining there’s enough time for events to swing either way.”

As Bust is a five-part series, we’ve only got two issues left to swing the plot either way. So, will it end up a bleak tragedy or are there still enough glimmers of hope and humanity left beneath the surface to give Jack a happy ending?


We’ll see soon enough, won’t we? 😛