Good evening everyone, I hope your weeks are off to a flying start 🙂

I’ve just had a big Bust writing session and I’m pleased to say that I’ve now done up to page nine of the issue – and without a single text box, narrative voice or captioned exposition. When I mentioned in the previous update that issue #1 did so to quickly set the world state and tone, I wasn’t kidding.



I’m very happy with how the issue is going so far. It’s slower to allow for greater character development and I’ve already introduced three new major characters, with four returning faces for familiarity’s sake.

There’s even a singing number in there too…

In issue #1 news, Chris is working on page 16 now, so expect some updates on that soon.

It’s also been a while since we’ve seen some new custom backer sketches, but rest assured they will come in time. We just need to focus on hammering out a few more comic pages before we can get to the next round of extras. We will always keep you posted on rewards and more

Lastly: I hope to order a printed sample of pages 1-16 soon from two printing houses to try out paper quality and so forth, just to make a final call on which company we use for the printed version of issue #1. I’ll be recording a video of the sampler when it gets here post-page 16.

Thanks again guys, and help us spread the word if you can – don’t forget, people can pre-order a print copy of the first issue from the Bust store.

Until next time!