Hello friends of Bust, series author Dave here with a message to all of our issue #1 Kickstarter backers and those who are new to the series – we’ve just launched the funding campaign for our second issue: Wasteland Ronin.

If you need to catch up, you can read all of Issue #1 free here – yep, it’s really free!

For those who are new to the series, here’s an introduction for you:


Who are you guys?

I’m Dave Cook, award-winning videogame critic and comic author from Edinburgh, and creator of new series Bust. Together with talented artist Chris O’Toole, we successfully funded our first issue on Kickstarter in October 2014, and released in the spring.

Since then we’ve gone on to receive strong critical acclaim – Starburst Magazine gave us 8/10and Big Glasgow Comic Page gave is 4/5, for example, and since launch I’ve been attending comic conventions across Scotland such as Glasgow ComicCon, and will be at MCM Scotland later this month.

Our sales are strong, we’re stocked in the likes of Forbidden Planet, Deadhead Comics and Comicrazy, and we’re getting lots of buzz from comic fans and creators across the country for our work.

So if you back our comic, rest assured you will get a quality issue by the end of our campaign.

Bust 2: Wasteland Ronin – Page One

You can read all about our new issue on the Kickstarter campaign page, browse funding tiers and watch our pitch video for all you need to know about the next chapter of our story.

But now, we’re happy to reveal the first page of our second issue, which opens ten years later in what’s now known as The Free South (formally the American southern states). The people you see in these panels are members of a notorious gang called The Smilers – our key antagonists for the rest of our arc.

Here it is:

There’s much more to come from our funding campaign, including rough art of our new characters, concept pieces and other pages. You’ll get a great insight into our issue as time goes on, and we promise to keep you properly updated at every step of the way.

Thanks for taking time to check out our campaign and comic, and if you back us, we cannot thank you enough 🙂

Sincerest thanks,